"Secrets to Success"
on the ACT
The secret to success on the ACT math test goes  beyond just  being able to  do
the  math. It involves a specific strategy of test taking That will give you a huge   
advantage in Scoring on this and many other standardized achievement  tests.

Research shows that the way students perceive the problem solving process
greatly influences the outcome of their performance and most of us
overlook simple methods of successful  test taking and limit our potential in
terms of attaining higher test scores.

In this two hour presentation, you will discover the best methods for answering
test questions quickly and efficiently, even  when you are unsure exactly  how
to solve the problem.
The 2 hr + program looks at a diverse series of mathematical concepts and
related test items that will  give you the insight into getting correct  answers and
help you achieve that high score you’ve been looking for.

Copyright 2006
All rights reserved.
"I was able to raise
my ACT test score
significantly after  
viewing "Secrets to     
Success" the day  
before the test! The
tips are great and
easy to understand.
Andy Lee
     College Athlete
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